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The piracy problem in Somalia is a relatively new phenomenon resulting from the protracted civil war of the past twenty years and the disappearance of strong, indigenous security forces. Piracy fuels increased instability in our fragmented nation and greater economic hardship for the Somali people, especially those that live in coastal communities in our region.

The scourge of piracy is felt beyond Somalia. Somali piracy is an international problem that must be addressed comprehensively. The PMPF is intended to complement current counter-piracy strategies, such as maritime interdiction and legal reforms to facilitate the prosecution of pirates. The Puntland Government will continue to welcome the support of, and coordinate with, the international community in its efforts to combat piracy and bring security and stability to Somalia.

Via the below links, you can learn more about the PMPF and its work:

Fact Sheet – webpage or downloadable PDF

Answers to frequently asked questions

PMPF Overview

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