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February 9, 2012 – Bosaso, Puntland State of Somalia – In the early hours of February 9th the Puntland Maritime Police Force (PMPF) LN Commander was informed of a boat accident just north of Ceelayo, and 30 km west of Qaw. The PMPF moved quickly to provide emergency assistance and medical care to the 15 survivors, who appear to have been in the process of being trafficked to Yemen. The Somali Immigration Authorities are currently investigating this matter.

According to surviving witnesses, the boat carrying 61 people, most of whom were Ethiopians, departed from Bosaso the evening of February 4th. An hour into the voyage, the boat’s engine cut out and in the early hours of February 5th the boat capsized in a storm. According to survivors, once the boat encountered difficulties, the 3-person crew threw some of the passengers overboard to lighten the load. The survivors said that they floated around on the open seas for four days before coming ashore. Apart from the survivors, 13 persons are confirmed dead and another 33 are still missing.

The PMPF transported the survivors to the village of Qaw, where the PMPF currently is engaged in array of community improvement projects, such as the renovation of the Bandar Zaida Primary School. Onsite PMPF medical personnel treated the survivors while additional support was provided from the nearby PMPF Base. PMPF medical staff treated all the patients for dehydration, hypothermia, shock, minor injuries and also fed the survivors prior to transporting them to Bosaso Hospital for further care.

About the Puntland Maritime Police Force
The PMPF is a professional, locally-recruited coastal police force in the Puntland State of Somalia. The PMPF’s mission is to promote peace and stability in the region by deterring, detecting, and eradicating piracy, illegal fishing and other coastal crimes; protecting marine resources; and delivering much-needed humanitarian relief supplies to Puntland’s citizens.


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Mr. Abdirazak Mohamed Mohamud
Project Coordinator
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