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April 22, 2012 – Garowe, Puntland Federal State of Somalia – After the successful completion of Garowe Conference III, the Puntland Maritime Police Force (PMPF) provided security to ensure the safe passage of Ambassador Andrea Mazzella, Italy’s special envoy to Somalia, on his trip to from Garowe to the coastal town of Eyl.

Ambassador Mazzella was joined by Vice Ambassador Eng. Giuseppe Caposeno and other dignitaries on this historic visit to Eyl, where they were welcomed by local government and community representatives.

After traveling 280km from Garowe, the delegation met with the Mayor of Eyl District, Musse Osman Yusuf, the Deputy Mayor of Eyl District Faysal Khalif Wa’ays, and Police Commissioner Eyl District, Mahad Ahmed Mohamoud.

In meetings on the afternoon April 20, local representatives told the Italian delegation that Eyl’s greatest needs were for the development of local infrastructure and roads and improved education and healthcare systems. The Ambassador made clear in the meetings that Italy will be implementing development projects in Somalia.

Italy is a former colonial power in Somalia that has kept close ties to the country since its independence. Eyl was once used as a military post by Italians and you can still see signs of the colonial past. The people Eyl, which is considered to be the birthplace of modern Somali piracy, recently received global attention for successfully driving pirates out of their town. The PMPF has recently established a base in Eyl to prevent the pirates from returning.

About the Puntland Maritime Police Force

The PMPF is a professional, locally-recruited coastal police force in the Puntland State of Somalia. The PMPF’s mission is to promote peace and stability in the region by deterring, detecting, and eradicating piracy, illegal fishing and other coastal crimes; protecting marine resources; and delivering much-needed humanitarian relief supplies to Puntland’s citizens.

The PMPF directly responds to calls from the United Nation and international community for regional Somali authorities to enhance their law enforcement and security capacities. Relevant Somali authorities have briefed and notified the United Nations about the PMPF and its activities on a number of occasions. For more information on the PMPF, please visit


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